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Begin UTCGroupflightDistance (nm)LegsPilotsState
2022-06-05 14:00:00Jettour V.34988516-
2022-05-26 14:00:00Himmelstour1665319-
2022-04-14 21:00:00Ostertour202213697318-
2022-04-03 14:00:00Proptour V.33565716-
2022-03-06 14:00:00HELI-Tour H44001012-
2022-02-06 14:00:00ProptourV32540619-
2022-01-29 22:00:00Nightflight-V.24305117-
2022-01-02 14:00:00Proptour V31516713-
2021-12-23 20:00:00Christmastour216115122-
2021-12-05 10:00:00Nikolaustour 212145619-
2021-11-07 14:00:00Prop-Tour V30449818-
2021-10-30 22:00:004 Jahre FSCloudVa4936134-
2021-10-10 14:00:00TanteJu tour 2112302318-
2021-10-03 14:00:0020 Jahre SwissAir897622-
2021-09-12 14:00:00Bergtour-V29478815-
2021-06-06 14:00:00HELI-GF-15371023-
2021-05-02 14:00:00Proptour V.30551822-
2021-03-07 14:00:00Proptour V.29451725-
2021-02-07 14:00:00Jetday V.28789534-
2021-01-10 14:00:00Proptour V.27437934-
2021-01-03 14:00:00Proptour V.26786728-
2020-12-06 14:00:00Santatour999440-
2020-11-01 14:00:00AB-Gedenkflug1156437-
2020-10-11 14:00:00Proptour V.25386820-
2020-10-04 00:00:00Jetday V24759521-
2020-09-27 14:00:00Andentur2020571723-
2020-09-20 14:00:00Vinotour V22670632-
2020-09-13 14:00:00Norwaytour V21449628-
2020-09-06 14:00:00Caribbeanprop550943-
2020-07-05 14:00:00Jetday V19952517-
2020-06-14 14:00:00Tobiflight1195523-
2020-06-07 14:00:00Propday V18668622-
2020-05-03 14:00:00Jetday V.171638458-
2020-04-05 12:00:00aquatour546925-
2020-03-01 13:00:00Jetday V161010562-
2020-02-09 14:00:00Propday V15499825-
2020-01-05 14:00:00Tattooflight1397643-
2019-12-22 13:00:00Weihnachtstour20191775438-
2019-12-01 14:00:00Propday V14607919-
2019-11-03 13:00:00Jetday V131381426-
2019-10-06 12:00:00Caribbean-prop593835-
2019-09-01 12:00:002Jahre-VA991550-
2019-08-04 12:00:00Jetday V12696622-
2019-07-07 12:00:00Proptour V11637822-
2019-06-02 12:00:00Laudatour773653-
2019-05-05 12:00:00Jetday V101060443-
2019-04-07 12:00:00Propday V9492926-
2019-03-03 13:00:00JETDAY V8863550-
2019-02-03 13:00:00Propday V8631622-
2019-01-06 13:00:00Groupflight JET V71211569-
2019-01-05 13:00:00UniFLY Group Flight 031250424-
2018-12-15 13:00:00UniFLY Group Flight 21299429-
2018-12-08 13:00:00UniFLY Group Flight 11168434-
2018-12-02 13:00:00Nikolaustour1054460-
2018-11-04 13:00:00Propday V6 Kanaren550926-
2018-10-07 12:00:00Propday V5 Karibik532833-
2018-09-02 12:00:00Germanday V41152740-
2018-08-05 12:00:00JETday V31485642-
2018-06-03 12:00:00PROPDay V1689723-
2018-04-08 12:00:00PROPday V2698830-

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How to fly tours:

To start a tour you simply have to fly the legs after the tour begin date and time. Dont start to early :-) Smartcars have to be active on your flights.
After you finished the leg and your pirep is accepted you will move to the next leg in the list.
You can fly the next legs also while your last pireps are pending, but if there is a problem you have to fly the last legs again.
After completion you will see the award in your pilots profile.

The legs have to be flown in the right order, but not in a row. That means you can do other flights between the legs, or change the tour.
It is possible to fly several tours at same time.

In the leg list you have the option to BID the leg. Then Smartcars will automatically bid on this flight.
If you like to generate a flightplan by simbrief you can click on the simbrief button. You need a simbrief account to do that, but it's free.

Have fun ! And feel free to contact us if there is any problem.

FSCloudVA tour module version 20180504